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Fiona Forsyth

After taking a Classics degree at Somerville College, Oxford, I spent twenty-five years teaching Classics. Now that I live in Qatar in the Middle East, I have found the time to write that novel and am hard at work on its sequel.

The Sestius series has been kicking around in my head for many years and I use the novels to explore some questions about the ancient world which have nagged at me for a long time. Some things don’t change: the dilemmas which face people in times of upheaval remain the same. How do you choose a side when neither side appeals?

I belong to an online writers’ group, called Milk Wood. It is a very welcoming and encouraging group of people, and I would recommend them to any writer. I also enjoy the support of the English Writing Circle at Qatar’s beautiful new national Library.

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What People Say

The plot is tightly woven with assiduously-researched and plausibly-imagined detail. Lucius and his family come to life especially warmly.

Amazon review

This impressive debut novel by a classicist takes the reader into the dangerous, murky world of high-state political conspiracy during Rome’s turbulent years of radical change in the 1st century BCE.

Amazon review

Stick to writing non-fiction, pet.

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Author interview

Milk Wood in the virtual world Second Life was the setting for my first interview about Rome’s End. Thank you to Nicole Rodovsky for organising and conducting these sessions – I am interviewed in the guise of my Second Life avatar, Fionn Bookmite!

Follow this link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OkurkPgcwEI

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