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Rome’s End

Book 1 cover
The first book in the trilogy was published in June 2019

The Emperor’s Servant

Second book published October 2020

The trilogy starts in 45 BCE as the young Lucius Sestius is asked to help a politician under fire. The Sestius family are firmly entrenched in the upper class establishment and Lucius thinks he has his career planned, but the attack on Sallust is going to turn Lucius’ life around. Set in the last year of Julius Caesar’s life, and based on evidence in the ancient sources, the action of the novel takes place right in the middle of the tensions which will lead to assassination.


You have probably never heard of Publius Sestius or his son Lucius. Publius was a member of the Senate at the end of the Roman Republic, and was mainly famous for being defended by the great lawyer and orator Cicero. But he and his family lived through an interesting time in Rome’s history – the downfall of the Republic and the establishment of the Empire.

My third book, intended as the ending to the trilogy, has morphed into a stand-alone, mainly due to the determination of its hero, Junia Tertia. She is a formidable lady and is not the sort to share a trilogy with anyone else, although Lucius Sestius has a walk-on role.

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